How You Learn From The SEO Mistakes

Many of the people want to be an SEO hero regarding their own reason. If you do so, take a close look at For your information, every mistake made by you or another SEO hero is reported here. It means you can learn even from your SEO mistake. When it comes to SEO each of you is an expert. In the beginning, regardless of what SEO strategies you use, you will get subjected to the Google dance. Not only that, many newcomers make such mistakes below.

1. Stuffing keywords

For the newbie, this is an easy mistake to make. The overuse of the keyword can raise the red flag. Furthermore, it makes your article look spammy. Important to know, Google uses the technology, latent semantic indexing when determining the similarities in phrases used on each of your content. For this reason, it is very important to make your article keyword focused.

2. Broken links

Just like stuffing keywords, broken links are shameful mistakes for your SEO campaign. Simply talk, a broken link is used for hyperlink that no longer points to its intended destination. Keep in mind that bad links will earn you a bad reputation.

3. Duplicate content

You may be interested in copying or publishing the same content in the different blogs. This mistake leads you to make another mistake, such as duplicate content that appears in more than one location. Luckily, you can solve this issue by making new and fresh content for your site and blog. Creating new content may be time-consuming, but using duplicate content can affect your professionalism and reputation.

To ensure that you can prevent making more mistakes, learn more about SEO. It is okay to make the mistake in your first SEO, so don’t be shy when we report your mistake on our site.