Why should you choose Dogtra instead of the cheaper bark collar

It’s normal for many people to look for the cheapest product in the market, as a long as it still has the decent quality. However, when we’re talking about the Dog Bark Collar, you can’t choose the price over the quality. You definitely don’t want to buy a dog bark collar that won’t last more than two weeks, while you need months to train your dog to stop barking unnecessarily. That’s why don’t be tricked by the cheaper prices and pursue the quality. That’s why we recommend the YS-600 Dogtra.

Why should I choose Dogtra instead of the cheaper products?

It’s guaranteed to train your dog efficiently. It has the 10 levels of stimulation, and those levels are completely adjustable. It has the non-stimulating high vibration mode as well, just in case if you want to train your dog with the more gentle way. The harder and the louder your dog’s barking is the higher and stronger level of stimulation that you may try.

Is it safe for my dog?

Yes, it is very safe. It’s 100% waterproof, so if your dog comes into contact with the water, the device won’t be affected at all, even if your dogs swims. The risk for the collar to breaks or to electrocute your dog when it comes into contact with water is very low.

Do I have to buy the new battery over and over again?

Nope, it’s completely rechargeable. However, when it is old enough, you can change the old battery with the new one easily. It also has the sleeping mode that will be used by the device automatically, when your dog has stopped barking, in order to save more battery life. It takes only two hours to be fully recharged as well.

Is there any special offer that I can get from buying this collar?

Yes, you can get a FREE set of grooming clippers, so you can trim your dog’s hair in order to get the best contact with the collar.